D-Slam – Community Internet Installation

DSLAM-“Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer” – Community internet is a network device that uses two pieces of equipment, one for the customer end and one at the internet service provider, Telephone Company, or other provider. It is received through the telephone line limiting the use to the residents connected to the system consequently highlighting personal security.

A DSLAM takes connections from many customers and aggregates them onto a single high capacity connection to the Internet and provides each user a connection from the installed equipment that connects each to an individual port meaning that users won´t see a performance decrease as new users are added.  When there are no more available space/ports on the equipment and there is a demand for more users to be added to the system and when the DSLAM is saturated at that point then an upgrade by the service provider can provide additional performance for all the users connected to the DSLAM. This community internet system has been installed and is currently in use in many communities.  Although there is an initial amount to pay for the equipment and installation; most communities offset this expense and increase the individual community fee for a short period of time to cover and divide this one off cost.   Each connected apartment will have their respective Router, passwords with incorporated Wi-Fi.